How to Undo in Notes on iPhone and iPad 2023

How to Undo in Notes on iPhone?

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How to Undo in Notes on iPhone and iPad 2023: The Notes app developed by Apple is the default tool for taking notes that are built into iPhones and iPads; yet, it is not easy to find out how to undo anything you have typed in the app. This could become problematic if you delete too much or accidentally overwrite a section of text by accident. To our good fortune, there are several choices available.

The most straightforward way to erase changes made in Notes on an iPhone:

  • When you activate the on-screen iPhone keyboard in Notes, you will notice that there are many icons included within a light-gray bar that is located at the very top of the keyboard. If you tap the icon that resembles a pen tip inside of a circle, the icons are for undo and redo.

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The iPad feature that makes undoing things in Notes the simplest option:

  • iPadOS, the operating system that powers Apple’s iPad, offers a level of undo and redo functionality that is superior to that of iOS. The undo and redo icons are hidden away in the upper left corner of the keyboard that appears on the screen of the tablet when you are typing on it. If you are using an external keyboard, you can reverse actions by pressing Cmd + Z and redo actions by pressing Shift + Cmd + Z just like you would on an Apple computer.

With iOS and iPadOS, you may undo it by shaking the device and swiping:

  • You can shake your iPhone or iPad three times to get Siri to recognize that you are using your complete hand rather than just one finger. This will bring up a dialogue window that asks if you want to undo what you’ve entered and gives you the option to do so. Simply give it a further three shakes to bring up the opportunity to retype what you just did. You have the ability to activate or deactivate this feature by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and then touching the toggle switch that is located next to Shake to Undo.
  • Swiping across the screen of your phone or tablet with three fingers is a good option if you’re looking for a compromise between using your whole hand and only one finger. To undo an action, simply quickly drag your fingers to the left, and to redo an action, quickly move your fingers to the right. This gesture will function in any part of the screen, but it is best to keep your focus on the top of the note since if you brush your fingers across the keyboard, you may accidentally strike certain keys.
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