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How to Find Your Apple Watch If It’s Been Lost or Stolen [Latest 2023]

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Losing an Apple Watch can completely derail your day, despite how exciting it is to buy a brand-new one. (Ask me how I came to know this.) On the other hand, unlike your keys or wallet, your Watch, when paired with an iPhone or other Apple device, can actually assist you in determining its whereabouts and may even assist you in retrieving it if it has been misplaced. Below is the information that you require.

The good news is that if you’ve paired your Apple Watch to an iPhone that already has the Locate My iPhone function set up, the Find My Watch capability will be instantly enabled. This is one of the features that sets the Apple Watch apart from other smartwatches. When you connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone, a function known as Activation Lock is activated. This function secures your Watch by making it necessary for the user to provide their Apple ID and password in order to reactivate the Watch and pair it with another iPhone.

There are a few settings that you should turn on right away before you end up misplacing your Apple Watch, in order to make it simpler to locate your watch in the event that you misplace it.

Making it Possible to Find My Watch:

You can locate your device even when it is not connected to a network by activating the feature known as “Find My Network.” Find My Network is reportedly an encrypted and anonymous network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that can help you locate your device; it functions in a manner that is similar to that of a Tile tracker or an Apple AirTag. This information is provided by Apple.

To activate the Find My Network feature on your iPhone, navigate to the Settings app and tap your name at the very top of the page. The next step is to select the Find My tab, followed by the Locate My Phone option, and then to activate the Find My Network slider. You should also probably switch on the slider for Transmit Last Location when you are on that same screen. This will enable you to find out where your Watch was before the battery died and show you a map of that location.

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Also, you will need to activate the Location Services feature on your iPhone in order to make use of these capabilities. On the Settings menu, scroll down until you reach the section labeled “Privacy and Security.” Check to see if the Location Services option, which is located at the top of the list, is active. To find the Locate My app, go to the Location Services page and scroll down until you see it.

Enable Location Access: When Using the App is the option that will be of the most assistance in the event that your Watch is misplaced. You need also to make sure the slider below is set to the Precise Location position.

To locate your watch, simply follow these steps:

To use Locate My Watch to locate your Watch, open the Watch App on your iPhone, navigate to the All Watches menu, and then tap on the circular Info icon. Then, select the Locate My Apple Watch option from the menu.

There is also the option of using the “Find My Watch” function on your personal computer. Going into your iCloud account is the first step. Launch Locate iPhone after you have signed in with your Apple ID. After clicking All Devices, select your Apple Watch from the list.

Still haven’t been able to locate your Apple Watch? You have options available to you to ensure the safety of your information.

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Set Your Watch Into the Mode Called “Lost”

You have the option of placing your device into Lost Mode if Find My Watch is unable to locate your Watch. This will prevent unauthorized access to your phone and will also send a message to whoever discovers your Watch.

Start the Locate My on the Watch app on your iPhone, then press on the name of your Apple Watch to place it in the Lost mode. Mark as Lost can be found farther down the page. After that, tap the Activate > Proceed button.

At this stage, you have the option of entering a personalized message that will be displayed on the Watch face. This message can contain your phone number.

It is recommended that you reset your Apple ID password if you did not have Activation Lock enabled on your device. Because of this, it will be impossible for anyone else to access the information stored on your iCloud account or use any other services while using your missing iPhone. Because you might also want to file a report with the local authorities if your Watch is lost or stolen, it is a good idea to keep the serial number in a safe place. Follow these steps to locate the serial number for your device.

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