How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify 2024

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How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Free and Premium 2024

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A well-selected playlist is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As a result, the finest playlists pay close attention to the arrangement of the songs, ensuring that each one naturally leads into the next.

If you use shuffle, though, the order of the songs doesn’t matter. Because of this, you may easily disable shuffle in any Spotify app.

The universal shuffle mode icon consists of two right-pointing arrows that overlap each other. Next to Spotify’s rewind button is a shuffle button.

how to turn off shuffle on spotify-ink

Find this icon and tap it to toggle shuffle mode. You may find it in the iPhone and Android apps by pressing the song’s name at the bottom of the screen to expand it to full screen.

To change the track now playing, tap the song’s title in the app’s bottom left corner on an iPad. The desktop app will be located solely at the bottom of the display.

When it’s highlighted in green, shuffle playback is active. When there is only white or gray, randomization is disabled.

You won’t be able to view it on your phone’s lock screen or in the settings menu unless you use the app. Shuffle can be toggled on and off at will in Spotify Premium.

However, the Spotify desktop apps are the only place shuffle can be managed with the free Spotify account. In the mobile app, custom playlists and albums can only be played in the shuffle, whereas Spotify’s curated playlists are insufferable.

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