How To Restart A Chromebook?

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How to Restart a Chromebook (Easy Ways)

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Chrome OS may be a little operating system, but it packs a lot of power. Chrome OS has right-click functionality similar to that of Windows and Mac OS X, and it also allows you to record the screen.

If you’ve recently made the switch to a Chromebook and need to know how to reboot it, this article is for you.

We covered all three of the simplest ways to reboot a Chromebook, including a Chrome URL that is only accessible through the Chrome browser.

Given that, let’s get started with understanding how to restart a Chromebook.

To fix problems and get your computer back in working condition, you may need to restart it. However, accomplishing this on a Chromebook is not entirely trivial.

You can log out of your Chromebook or shut it down by holding down the power button. Turning the computer off and on again will often fix problems.

However, there are situations when a complete system reboot is required. Learn the steps here.

How to Force a Chromebook Restart?

  • A hard reset may also help, as it affects the hardware rather than the software (where your data is saved). To accomplish that, follow these steps:
  • You can shut down your Chromebook by either pushing the power button on the device itself or by clicking the power icon in the menu that appears in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • One Method for Restarting Chrome

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Select “Shut Down” from the File menu or the Power button on your computer. Business Insider/Devon Delfino
Tap the power button twice, then press and hold the “refresh” button (between the 3 and 4 keys).

When your Chromebook restarts, you can stop refreshing.

The aforementioned procedures should work for most Chromebooks, however, keep in mind that specific models may have other needs to complete a hard reset.

If that doesn’t work, resetting your Chromebook to factory settings will make it function as if you had just purchased it. You should save your work first, though.

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