How To Delete a TikTok Video Post (2024)

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How to delete a TikTok video the right way

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How To Delete a TikTok Video Post Although TikTok is restricted in some places, and there is a good chance that this will continue, we do not believe that it will be overtaken by other social networks.

Bytedance will almost certainly alter its policy, amend the terms about user data, and resubmit its application since this much is practically certain.

In any event, it can still be purchased in a significant number of nations and locations. If you are accessing this app from that location, the following are some helpful hints.

How to delete a TikTok video:

  • Watch the TikTok video that you intend to remove from your account.
  • Touch the icon that looks like three dots that are located to the right of the video.
  • Choose “Delete.”

How to create a TikTok:

  • Tap the “+” button located at the bottom of the screen to add a TikTok video to your collection.
  • You can either upload anything from the library on your device, or you can use the TikTok camera.
  • You can customize the camera by adding sounds, effects, and filters, as well as other features.
  • Press the red record button to get your video recording started, and then tap the check mark after you’re finished.
  • Do further adjustments on the posting page, such as adding subtitles or stickers, for example.
  • When you are ready, you should submit your video.

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To personalize, all you have to do is pick a character, and then either record or upload your voice.

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How to edit a TikTok:

After your video has been uploaded or recorded, you can utilize the tools on the right-hand menu on the screen to add text, stickers, effects, filters, or captions; edit your video; decrease noise; adjust the audio; improve; and examine the privacy settings that are associated with this video.

If you press the arrow below this menu that says “Drop Down,” all of the options for this menu will show up alongside labels that explain which icons correspond to which actions.

Utilizing previously recorded material that is not of the appropriate dimensions for TikTok? Make your movie fit the requirements of TikTok by using our free video resizing tool.

How to delete a filter:

If, while you are in the process of editing your TikTok video, you decide to remove the filter that was applied to your footage, you can do so by going to the “Filters” option on the right-hand menu and then selecting the circular icon that has a diagonal line through it.

This will remove any filters that were applied to your TikTok.

How to remove a TikTok video:

You can delete your TikTok video by following these procedures, regardless of whether or not your TikTok account is public:

  • Watch the TikTok video that you intend to remove from your account.
  • Touch the icon that looks like three dots that are located to the right of the video.
  • Choose “Delete.”

How to report a TikTok video:

  • Keep pressing and holding down the video button.
  • Choose the “Report” option, then proceed with the instructions.

You also have the option of using the web form provided by TikTok to report a video on the platform.

Can I remove someone else’s video?

You can report content on TikTok if you find it to be upsetting or improper by following the steps outlined above.

TikTok will examine this content, and depending on the results, it may be removed.

If you just do not like TikTok or are not interested in it, you can select the “Not interested” option by holding down on the screen and making the selection, and TikTok will stop showing you content that is similar to it in the future.

How to download your TikTok before you delete it:

If you have a TikTok that you want to erase, but also want to keep a copy of it, you can download your TikTok by performing the steps that are outlined in the following paragraph:

  • Go to the TikTok video that you would like to download.
  • Keep pressing down on the display until a menu of options appears.
  • Choose “Save video.”
  • After that, the video will start downloading to your device immediately.

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