How To Buy DogeCoin (Doge) – Coinbase

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How To Buy Dogecoin 2.0 (DOGE2) – Coinbase

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Dogecoin (sometimes abbreviated as DOGE) is a form of cryptocurrency that skyrocketed in popularity in the year 2024. The symbol for Dogecoin is the DOGE (ticker).

Dogecoin has reached notable price highs despite having an unbounded maximum supply and a comic reputation. It is also available on a large number of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase.

Coinbase is a publicly traded cryptocurrency corporation that markets a diverse range of products under its namesake brand.

One such product is the well-known and user-friendly application known as the Coinbase app, which allows users to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Do you have questions regarding the purchase of Dogecoin on Coinbase or the sale of Dogecoin on Coinbase? On Coinbase, is it possible to purchase Dogecoin? Continue reading for further details.

A little about Dogecoin:

In 2013, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer came up with the idea to create Dogecoin as a comedic stunt. They based the digital asset on a widely circulated meme, which depicts a picture of a Shiba Inu dog sitting with correct posture while staring into the camera and includes grammatically incorrect phrases that are pasted around the picture.

There is no upper bound on the total amount of Dogecoin that can ever be mined, and around 10,000 new coins are created every minute as a result.

As a result, Dogecoin (DOGE) is an asset that contributes to inflation, in contrast to Bitcoin (BTC), which has a supply cap of 21 million coins.

The digital currency DOGE and the Bitcoin blockchain each operate independently. The DOGE blockchain generates a new block approximately once per minute, whereas the Bitcoin network has a block time of approximately 10 minutes. Because of this, DOGE transactions are typically much quicker than Bitcoin transfers.

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How to buy Dogecoin on Coinbase:

Buying Dogecoin on Coinbase is a fairly straightforward process once a user has sent monies to their Coinbase account.

To buy or sell items, navigate to the main profile page and look for the “Buy/Sell” option in the upper right corner (Coinbase browser platform).

Simply select Dogecoin from the drop-down menu after clicking the “Purchase” button (finding Dogecoin might require using the search bar included with the list).

Choose a mode of payment using the menu that’s located underneath that box. Make careful to specify whether or not this purchase should be a one-time occurrence or a regular occurrence as well.

After deciding how much money you want to spend on DOGE, click the button labeled “Preview Purchase.” Check that the particulars of the purchase are accurate, make a mental note of the cost, and then click the “Purchase now” button.

A user who is interested in purchasing Dogecoin can do it on the Coinbase Pro (browser platform) by finding a DOGE asset pairing that is compatible with the assets that the user already possesses on the platform.

Asset pairings are exactly what they sound like pairs of different assets. A user has the option of either buying or selling one of the assets that make up the pair in exchange for the other item that is listed.

Users can purchase and sell Dogecoin (DOGE) in return for US Dollars (USD) when using a currency pair such as DOGE/USD.

Simply select the appropriate DOGE pairing from the drop-down menu that can be accessed by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner of the main page.

Make sure that the “Buy” and “Market” settings are chosen, then write in the amount that you would want to spend and click the “Place buy order” button. The total amount of DOGE that will be acquired as well as the associated fees are displayed directly above the order button.

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