How to Shorten Video on iPhone In 2023

How to Trim and Cut Videos on Your iPhone in Easy Steps

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How to Shorten Video on iPhone In 2023: It’s not necessary to go looking for a separate app to cut videos on an iPhone, as Apple’s native Photos app has all the tools you need. Apple’s Pictures app on the iPhone has a handy video trimmer for quick cuts. People often record lengthy videos, but only wish to send along a small segment of them. This is especially important when sharing content with close friends and family online or on social media like Instagram and Facebook. On the other hand, if a video is too large to send over email or store in the cloud, users may choose to crop out the unnecessary parts rather than encoding a smaller version.

Since its inception, Apple has made great strides in improving the iPhone’s video quality, making it a top contender among smartphones. Apple’s iPhone 13 series debuted in 2021 with a Cinematic mode that automatically added a depth-of-focus effect for subjects in a video. This function follows the subject of a video being recorded and maintains a constant focus on it. A change in subject matter is also possible. During shooting, users can manually shift the focal point, and after the fact, they can do it via Apple’s Photos app.

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The iPhone’s Pictures app offers more than just a viewer, thanks to a number of powerful editing tools. Among these is the option to reduce a video’s running time or remove a specific segment of it. Launch the Pictures app and choose the raw video file to be modified. By selecting “Edit” in the upper left, a movable slider will appear beneath the video for you to adjust the volume. To change when the video begins and ends, use the sliders provided. When you click on the yellow box, you’ll see just the section of the video that was cut. To watch a preview of the modified video and make any adjustments, click the play button.

The iPhone’s Pictures app has numerous other editing options besides reducing videos. After selecting Edit, a new toolbar will emerge at the bottom of the screen from which you can access these. By tapping the small sun icon, users can modify many image-editing settings, including luminance, contrast, saturation, sharpness, noise, and more. The slider tool makes it simple to change any of these settings.

Many video filters are available in the Pictures app and can be applied in a flash. The filter’s intensity can also be changed with a simple slider. Finally, the iPhone Photos app lets you adjust the video’s aspect ratio as well as flip, rotate, and straighten it.

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