How To Change Your TikTok Username?

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How To Change Your TikTok Username In Easy Steps 2024

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Who among us hasn’t opted for a username that we now find abhorrent or outgrown? Maybe you’re looking to start over and your current username isn’t getting the attention it should.

Particularly on TikTok, where your username appears on every video you upload, this can be the case.

Fortunately, TikTok allows users to modify their usernames at any time. The whole thing can be done with a couple of taps of your finger.

How to change a TikTok username?

  • First, download the TikTok app, then launch it and sign in (if prompted).
  • Go to your profile by clicking on your name at the bottom right of the main menu.
  • Follow the steps below
  • Decide on a Login Name.
  • To modify your username, tap on it. Delfino, Devon,
  • Replace your current login name with a new one.
  • Select “Save” as the sixth action.

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If you’re just starting on TikTok, it’s important to choose a username that will help you stand out from the crowd. A long string of digits or a complicated spelling will only serve to make your handle harder to remember.

It’s also important to pick a name that both reflects the subject matter and distinguishes you from the competition. Because of this, potential followers are more likely to visit your profile and start engaging with your material.

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