How a VPN Can Now Disguise your GPS Location?

How Can a VPN Now Disguise your GPS Location?

How a VPN Can Now Disguise your GPS Location

VPNs (virtual private networks) have been around for a while. A VPN can hide your location by rerouting your IP address to numerous places worldwide, making it far more difficult to trace your identity. VPNs can do a lot, and they all have various feature profiles. Some have a server location that is more or less central. Some have more features yet are more challenging to use. Some are light and swift. Hopefully, you’ve got the picture!

How Surfshark Became the First to Make GPS Location Masking Possible:

Until now, there was one primary use case that no VPN could fill: effectively hiding your GPS location while still allowing you to continue to use apps that rely on GPS tracking or insist on it. Until now, this could be very aggravating if you wanted to use mobile location tracking apps without losing control of your location data. Some people don’t like the idea of ​​public companies tracking their movements, recording location data and selling it to who knows what entities.

The feature is called GPS spoofing and is an ideal solution to a complex problem: many mobile applications automatically activate location tracking, even if you deactivate it in the device settings. If you deactivate it in the application settings, many applications will stop working until you reactivate it. Other applications will stop working if you try to disable location tracking, and even more, don’t make it an option. However, others pretend not to follow him while sneaking in the background.

Surfshark fixes this with GPS spoofing, which allows you to transmit a false GPS position to the application’s source. Change the physical location that your device transmits as the actual location. This will enable you to continue using applications that try to force you to abandon GPS data without giving up your current location. Quite clever.

With Surfshark VPN, you benefit from this functionality directly in your Android VPN application. Therefore, there is no additional third-party download. Simply download the Surfshark VPN app, enable GPS impersonation and your location data is protected.

How Surfshark Protects Your Location Data?

Location tracking has been controversial for as long as mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices have existed. But the theme hit the general public when Pokemon Go became popular. Many Pokémon players were at least moderately tech-savvy. They discovered that if they had root permissions on their devices, they could fool the location tracker, allowing them to continue playing while keeping their privacy.

Because not all users know how to get root permissions or don’t want to risk playing around with their firmware settings, Surfshark takes a slightly different approach. The Surfshark VPN overwrites the GPS coordinates that the device transmits to the application servers. This allows the GPS functionality you want to do even what you need while thwarting the app manufacturer’s attempts to record your location.

Why is GPS counterfeiting better? Many of the simplest DIY methods to deny GPS data to apps make apps unusable. If you tell the device you are in a different location, your Mapquest app can show you walking in Bosnia. It is not very useful. Others will not work, while others will continue to follow you in the background while crossing your fingers behind your back.

Surfshark allows the application to operate for the benefit of your actual GPS location while refusing to transmit your actual coordinates.

Another useful application of this feature is the ability to overcome region-specific transmission service restrictions. Disney +, for example, does not allow people outside the Americas to use its service. But, if you are in Europe, using the Surfshark VPN, you can connect to a Surfshark server in the United States and enjoy The Mandolorian.

GPS phishing is the latest addition to Surfshark’s already impressive assortment of VPN features, and it’s been a long time. This VPN is still one of the most complete, easy to use and affordable on the market. To date, it comes with a powerful malware blocker to keep these nasty invasive scripts out of your devices. It has a powerful and wholly featured blocking software and the features of blocking advertising trackers, called “CleanWeb.” It offers a handy function called HackLock, which warns you whenever a data breach is detected. You also get an ad-free search tool called BlindSearch. It also comes free with the powerful DNS solver, TrustDNS.

Other valuable features include Whitelister, which allows trusted sites and applications you’ve designated to bypass your security settings for easier use. You get the Kill Switch feature which can disconnect you from potential threats in an emergency. Surfshark has a strict no-registration policy. This means they do not store your information, no matter where or how you use it.

In a time when the world is filled with countless threats to your personal information, passwords, personal location, and even your deeply personal biometric data, everything is collected and sold to advertisers, security agencies, and anyone with the money and wants to track you down electronically. – Few tech companies have done as much to protect your information as Surfshark.

If you value your personal information and take digital freedom seriously, it may be time to try Surfshark. The application is compatible with almost all operating systems. You can use it on unlimited devices, and it works on all major platforms.

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