How to silence your Apple Watch?

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How to Silence Your Apple Watch in Easy Steps

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Since I rarely let my phone ring (or even vibrate, due to Do Not Disturb), one of my priorities with the Apple Watch was to learn how to silence notifications.

How to mute your Apple Watch

When you put your Apple Watch on mute, nothing else will stop playing. Learn the steps here.

  • Swipe up from the Watch face to access the Settings menu.
  • Select Silent Mode by tapping the bell icon. When activated, the feature is shown by a glowing icon with a diagonal cut through the bell.
  • Third, even with the Apple Watch set to Silent Mode, haptic notifications (taps on the wrist) will continue to be delivered, and alarms and timers will continue to go off.
  • To disable haptic alerts, open the Watch app on your iPhone, or the Settings app on your Apple Watch, and then tap Sounds & Haptics.

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How to turn on Do Not Disturb

With this function enabled, your Watch won’t ring or display notifications.

  • Swipe up from the Watch face to access the Settings menu.
  • Select the moon with a crescent on it.
  • The third option allows you to set the duration for which this function will be active.
  • Even in the Do Not Disturb setting, alarms will continue to sound.
  • activating/deactivating Turning on and off Do Not Disturb on an iPhone is identical to doing so with Do Not Disturb.

How to silence an incoming alert

Cover to Mute allows you to temporarily silence incoming alerts and notifications in case you neglected to mute them in advance.

  • To activate Cover to Mute, open the Watch app on your iPhone, pick the My Watch page, and then hit Sounds & Haptics. Cover to Mute the volume.
  • Second, you can block a notification by covering the screen with your palm for three seconds.
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