How To See Posts you’ve Liked on Instagram 2023?

How To See Previously Liked Posts On Instagram

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How To See Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram 2023? Do you know how often you double-tap an Instagram post before the little heart appears? You may be someone who likes a lot of posts, or you could be someone who only likes a few posts.

Instagram will keep track of your likes and you can go back and look at them whenever you choose. It’s possible that you loved a post in the past, but now you’d like to return and add a thoughtful comment. Maybe you made a mistake and wish to undo your likes. We’ll walk you through the simple steps involved.

How to View Instagram Posts You’ve Liked on the iPhone App:

If you have an iPhone, you can quickly and easily access the posts you have enjoyed in the past by touching on them. Is there anything you’ve seen on here that you’d like to see again? Easily access the Instagram content you’ve liked by following these instructions:

  • Open Instagram on your iOS device.
  • Select your image from the small menu that appears in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Now, select the menu icon (it looks like three parallel lines) in the upper right corner.
  • To do this, head to “Your Activity -> Interactions.”
  • Go to your menu and select “Likes.”

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Instead of taking the time to navigate to the user’s profile, locate the relevant post, and read its caption, you may just use this shortcut instead.

Keep in mind that Instagram only keeps track of the 300 most recent posts you liked. Some people may not see any likes for several days. Others may have to wait a lot longer than that.

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