How To Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram 2024

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How To Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram (the easy way)

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With the introduction of cross-app chat, Facebook is, at last, able to fully integrate Instagram and Messenger. This update brings some interesting new features from Facebook’s Messenger app into Instagram’s direct message (DM) interface.

Instagram’s new messaging features include animated message effects, vanish mode, selfie stickers, and animated answers and forwards, as well as the ability to use custom emoji reactions and Messenger’s Watch Together function.

The ability to directly reply to a user’s Instagram message is one of the most helpful new features of Instagram Direct. Users of Instagram can now quote and reply to specific comments in direct messages.

Instagram’s ‘Swipe to reply to messages’ function is quite similar to messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Directly respond to a specific message in a one-on-one or group chat with the swipe-to-reply feature. Long discussions, especially in big groups, are given more substance by the quoted replies.

Instagram direct messages allow you to reply to a user’s post by quoting both their post and reply.

As a result, the recipient will know exactly which message was responded to. One can respond to a video, photo, audio message, sticker, emoji, or GIF in addition to a text message.

How to reply to a particular message in Instagram DM:

  • You must update to the newest version of Instagram to use the direct message feature.
  • Select the chat app’s icon from Instagram’s menu bar (it’s in the upper right corner of the ‘Home’ tab).
  • Instagram now has a messenger button
  • Start a new one-on-one or team chat.
  • To respond to a message, hold down on it until the “Reply” button appears, then tap it.
  • How to Direct Message Someone on Instagram
  • Enter your message and hit the Send button.

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How to get a new Instagram Messenger update?

The Instagram app has been updated to include this new function. Make sure you’re running the most recent version of Instagram.

When the new feature is ready, Instagram will announce it with an “Introducing Cross-App Messaging” banner at the top of your feed.

To use Messenger’s new capabilities in Instagram Direct Message, open the notice and select Update.

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