How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Phone

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How to Perform a Factory Reset for a Samsung Galaxy Phone

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How To Factory Reset Your Samsung Phone? You want to perform a factory reset, but you don’t know the screen password. Humor yourself! Here are three simple methods to unlock a Samsung phone that you can use right away. Learn in this article how to reset your phone without knowing the password.

Clearing the phone’s data and settings, fixing system bugs, unlocking it, etc., everything may be accomplished by doing a factory reset. So, there are a variety of scenarios in which you can find it necessary to perform a factory reset on a Samsung device: If you’ve recently purchased a used phone and would like to start fresh, you may want to do a factory reset. This may be necessary if you’ve experienced app crashes, a Samsung frozen screen, or other system issues.

Even if you’ve forgotten your Android phone’s screen password, PIN, or pattern, resetting it to factory settings is simple. If your Samsung device is locked and you need to reset it, or if you want to reset it yourself, this article will show you how to do both.

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How to enter recovery mode and reset a Samsung that is locked:

Step 1. Turn Off your Samsung Phone

  • First, power down your device, then press and hold the Volume Up (leftmost) button, the Power (rightmost), and the Home (center) buttons all at once. Be patient while the operating system loads.

Step 2. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

  • Choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset from the Installing System Update screen by using the Volume Up/Down buttons to navigate, then the power button to confirm.

Step 3. Confirm Factory Resetting

  • If you want to restore your device to factory settings, choose YES and wait a few minutes. It may be necessary to perform a device reboot before continuing the setup process.

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Factory Reset Samsung That is Locked won’t Turn Off

A wipe data/factory reset cannot be executed on a Samsung device that is locked and will not power down into recovery mode. Then, you can utilize the Android lock screen removal tool provided by DroidKit, a comprehensive Android solution. Resetting your Samsung will remove the lock screen regardless of whether you’ve set up a numeric password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock.

Factory Reset a Samsung Phone That is Locked with ADM

An Android device’s location can be tracked, the lock screen can be changed, and the device can be erased from a distance using the security feature known as Android Device Management (ADM). Locked phones can be easily reset to factory settings if Android Device Management has already been installed on the device using a Google account.

Samsung Phone Locked after Factory Reset?

If your phone is still locked after a factory reset, it is likely locked via FRP (factory reset protection). Why? A simple factory reset will unlock your screen. A factory reset will activate the FRP lock, making your phone inaccessible outside of Google’s ecosystem. Several methods exist for attempting to remove FRP, and DroidKit has the option to do so. You can use it to unlock a Samsung phone that has been locked using a Google account (Android 11 and 12 are both supported).

In Concluding

There is no more to learn about unlocking a Samsung device. You should be able to reset your phone without the password using any of the following ways. Also, DroidKit can be a useful tool for unlocking other screens, and its many features are yours to discover.

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